Leading Retailer Group, India

Business Benefits: OBSITECH adopted the classic BIG DATA . or data warehouse approach for each business area that was needed to provide immediate and wider user coverage of data analytics and quick returns on investments from this BIW project due to timely information on store performance and Inventory. Based on the users' requirements, OBSITECH designed and developed specific functional focused data marts, resulting in increased revenue, higher profit margins.

Distribution & Logistics

Leading Transport and Logistics Company in Asia Pacific

Business Benefits: OBSITECH did a business discovery analysis vide a detailed and thorough study on the existing reporting database that had evolved over several years of Transaction Application development. This understanding enabled OBSITECH to prepare a new BI Solution based on Oracle Technology which then enabled customer to drill / analyze much deeper into the business and have wider look at the results.

Telecom & Networks

Leading Telco, Sri Lanka

Business Benefits: OBSITECH helped client to improve their billing management system by enabling them make better strategic decisions through increased analysis. This in turn reduced their operation cost and improved their efficiency

Leading Telco, Singapore

Business Benefits: OBSITECH provided expertise and support on MicroStrategy based Reporting solutions. This could sustain growing EDW volumes with business growth which was with intelligent design enhancements and code improvements. The initial Data Warehouse was built by implementation partner of client.

The OBSITECH support activity allowed client to extend the lifecycle of the EDW without having to go for additional investments on HW, SW, and thereby saving costs

Leading Networks Management Company, India

Business Benefits: OBSITECH's Solution helped cleint to identify and analyze network traffic and plan better for infrastructure growth and maintenance for their customer networks like Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Matrix... This also resulted in higher value addition due to performance improvement of over fifteen times in Network traffic.

Hospitality & Restaurant

Using InfoAsk Hotel / Restaurant Analytics from OBSITECH Solutions, The Hospitality Industry Business Managers have made sure to achieve improved performance by use of accurate information while on the move.This they get leveraging the information dashboard consisting of key actual numbers that is seen on hand held tablets or phones, with regards to what's happening in their day to day business operations.The important categories within the hospitality industry include: Front Office / Reception, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Kitchen, Restaurant, Sales, Store, and Purchasing. Getting this data organized allows for new business insights leading to better financial results like maximizing revenue, improving customer satisfaction and increasing customer profitability by utilizing the assets available at their disposal.

Manufacturing & Auto Components

Leading Automotive Company, India

Business Benefits: OBSITECH helped TVS in developing gainful analysis of Products selling areas and rating dealers, thereby helping them decide which products are selling, which dealer's contests and incentives. This increased the sales and also to make more informed business decisions

Healthcare & Insurance

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