Advantage of Engaging OBSITECH

Delivering competitiveness is what OBSITECH brings to the table. The repertoire of competencies begins with strategy consulting, which factors in your current business scenario, and goes on to tailor our solutions and services which meet your current and future information needs.
We help you discover critical behavior drivers, predict future trends and events, and act with assurance by providing data intelligence that supports concrete action. Now, what make us stay ahead of the pack?

Here they are:

• Better productivity in crunch time.
• Fast tracking of projects and faster access to critical data.
• Comprehensible and easy-to-use tools.
• The coalition with certified world leaders and therefore pre-eminent results.
• The ?sit back and relax? position that is offered to you at the end of implementation.

Delivery Methodology

We have developed an in-house model for meeting customer requirements by building competencies vertically and horizontal. Our consultants have translated their enriched experience into an efficient ‘4D Line of Attack’ which remains the key proposition of the service offerings.

The 4D Line of Attack

• Discover: Review project objectives, existing source systems, infrastructure and hardware/software.    Interview subject matter experts and begin capacity planning.
• Design: Design reporting deliverables, create dimensional and physical data models, map source to    target data elements, scope required hardware/software solutions.
• Develop: Create database, build ETL scripts/packages, and develop reports, install/setup hardware and    software.
• Deploy: User acceptance test, pilot roll-out and full production deployment.