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Welcome to Obsitech

It's a quandary CEOs often face. Business on one hand is growing like the proverbial beanstalk, turnover is increasing, customer count is up and sub verticals are spreading like tentacles. On the flip side, the stalk is tottering, owing to its size and rapid growth. All data is turning into BIG DATA i.e. macro sized, and discerning it, breaking it down and benefitting from the analysis is no longer feasible.

Yet, deceleration is no way to go. Growth must be sustained, customers must be given more and more value added products or services. The solution: Intelligent Technologies that turn RAW data into a 'gold nuggets' of information. That, precisely, is our mission at OBSITECH.

Business intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence Platforms to Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms suggested by Gartner was to emphasize...

Data management

Integrating process and technology is indispensable for an enterprise to build a sustainable technology infrastructure...

Big data Services

BI and analytic platforms enable companies to measure and improve the metrics that matter most to their businesses, such as sales, profits, costs...

mobile intelligence

Mobile devices, smart phones, and INTERFACE devices used in customer transactions deliver some 5 billion gigabytes of information to...


Delivering competitiveness is what OBSITECH brings to the table. The repertoire of competencies begins with strategy consulting, which factors in your current business scenario, and goes on to tailor our solutions and services which meet your current and future information needs.

Whowe are ?

OBSITECH can provide skilled resources in each of its domain areas for Business Analytics projects at a fixed rate per time capsule – hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. Each model is applicable and offered to different markets and engagement mode – Offshore / OnShore / Dual shore blend.

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